Instant Warfare: Military Battle

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Instant Warfare: Military BattleThe tides of war have fallen across the earth. Politicized radicalism has reached a breaking point and each player must fight to survive!

Instant Warfare puts you and up to 7 other people directly into the chaos. Each player represents an opposing military force, intent on keeping their way of life. Only one will survive this final battle.

Play politics by assigning each player a political alignment. Beware the effect of policies in warfare, allegiances do not last forever and we are beyond the point of civil discussion. You never know who is planning what when politics enter Instant Warfare!

In order to survive you must maintain your beliefs and destroy the competition.

Up to 8 players can enjoy Instant Warfare, and each player is given a small playing board and a few cards.

Players begin defining themselves by assigning troop types to their forces such as: Airforce, Infantry, Tanks, Submarines, Gunships, and Helicopters. Assigning troops of all types is the safe way to go but there is more risk and reward if you decide to focus on naval troops, land troops, or sky troops entirely. Place your troop tokens on your board piece however you see fit!

Political alignments can be included in the game once you have 4 or more active players. This gives each player a secret objective and extends the length of the game. It also allows for some very interesting strategic elements and complexities.

Overall, it’s all about having the right troops and selecting the right opponents. Roll the dice to attack and see how the opponent responds! Hopefully nothing backfires because your enemies have skills of their own! In this game, the best offense is literally defense. The most damage is done during the defensive dice roll so wait and see if your troop placement decisions were wise enough to be the last survivor of Instant Warfare.


Instant Warfare: Military Battle

  • 1 Box (4″ x 4″ x 3″)
  • 8 Player Boards (3.8″ x 3.8″)
  • 2 Instruction Manuals (English)
  • 1 Attack Dice
  • 1 Weapon Dice
  • 1 Defense Dice
  • 8 Rule Cards
  • 9 Political Cards
  • 52 Action Cards
  • 200 Troop Tokens
  • 1 Drawstring Bag
  • A whole bunch of fun for ages 8 and up!

Instant Warfare: Military Battle Snapshot


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