Instant Warfare: Group Warfare


*This expansion must be played with the base game and cannot act as a stand alone board game. Some creative set ups may allow multiple expansions to be used instead of the base game.

During the Kickstarter campaign, we will be offering an 8 player, stand-alone version of this game!

Instant Warfare: Military Battle

The tides of war have fallen across the earth. Politicized radicalism has reached a breaking point and each player must fight to survive!

Instant Warfare puts you and up to 7 other people directly into the chaos. Each player represents an opposing military force, intent on keeping their way of life. Only one will survive this final battle. During the Kickstarter campaign we will be revealing more information about the 4 upcoming expansions, but we have hosted all the basics right here on our website and will keep updating as details are revealed!

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Coming soon to Kickstarter!

Instant Warfare: Group Warfare!

The final game expansion is the real deal. Instant Warfare: Group Warfare combines everything together to create a turn-based role-playing battle game with 4 classes, 7 unique player skills, 4 skill trees, 4 team roles, and enough gear to get 20 players into the dungeon. This final expansion features single player, team deathmatch, and dungeon boss battle modes! This box includes all other expansions and the base game.

Group Warfare welcomes 4 new team roles, 4 enemy bosses and an Evil Overlord. Take control of multiple army boards at once in single player or have each member of your team choose their army type and team role. This expansion is for the role-playing fans out there, changing the game into a turn-based RPG with custom character traits.

New boss tokens and dungeon cards give the Overlord incredible strengths which only coordination and synchronized strikes can overcome. Boss tokens are placed on each of the bosses and are collected for points by individual players to keep score. The Dungeon System offers multiple stages of battle, which ends with a custom difficulty final battle stage where many players will be destroyed.

Players can now create customized, role specific load outs! These are some options:

  • Cursed Emperor Healer (High targeted damage and healing!)
  • Mythical Anarchist Tank (High sustain and self heals!)
  • Military Phoenix Support (Jack of all trades!)
  • Feudal Fascist Damage (High risk and reward for big damage!)
  • Any of the above can become one of the four horsemen also!

Group Warfare


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