Instant Warfare: Cursed Warfare


*This expansion must be played with the base game and cannot act as a stand alone board game. Some creative set ups may allow multiple expansions to be used instead of the base game.

During the Kickstarter campaign, we will be offering an 8 player, stand-alone version of this game!

Instant Warfare: Military Battle

The tides of war have fallen across the earth. Politicized radicalism has reached a breaking point and each player must fight to survive!

Instant Warfare puts you and up to 7 other people directly into the chaos. Each player represents an opposing military force, intent on keeping their way of life. Only one will survive this final battle. During the Kickstarter campaign we will be revealing more information about the 4 upcoming expansions, but we have hosted all the basics right here on our website and will keep updating as details are revealed!

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Coming soon to Kickstarter!

Instant Warfare: Cursed Warfare!

This expansion is all about the final battle, and the coming of the apocalypse. Fight off the legions of hell while your fellow players slowly turn against you!

Instant Warfare: Cursed Warfare introduces a totally unique version of gameplay and features all sorts of new mechanics and strategies! This expansion can be played with all other expansions, just mix and match to find your preferred gameplay loop!

Cursed Warfare welcomes six monstrous new troops and a matching weapon dice. Play to your strengths with the Cursed Army which is full of troops capable of stealing health and redistributing damage. Any player who chooses to play this army type will have a wider array of healing abilities and optional play styles.

New troop tokens and action cards enable players to place curses on each other and build alliances. Purple tokens are placed in addition to regular troop tokens and represent the darkest weaknesses within your troops. The curse system offers multiple ways of creating synergies between players in this team-based thrill ride!

All players begin the game as mortal beings but as the action cards are flipped, so to are the seven seals of the Apocalypse. Half of the players are chosen as vessels of the four horsemen, and the remaining players are left to save the world. Will the mortals be able to stop the coming threat, or will Hell rise unto the Earth? What happens then?

Instant Warfare: Cursed Warfare


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